4 Selections this week on Saturday but once again, none coming good.


START Balance : £1,000

Week 13 results (17th  Dec – 23rd Dec)
4 selections / 0 winning / 4 pt loss  / Current balance : £82.46

However, I feel that I have given this service sufficient time to build upon its earlier claims :

“Cleeve Racing is the most profitable tipping service in the UK since June 2011.”

Good fortune may well have been on its side when this claim was made, but in the three months of this review the bank has slipped further and further and I simply do not have the confidence that we could pull back all (and more) of the losses shown, in a similar time frame.

Whilst the  service offered by the Cleeve racing website is comprehensive , I would consider it a service  for the more astute bettor. The selections are offered with justification of the choice and feedback on how the individual performed, post-race. But in recent weeks/months, luck has simply not been on their side and in my opinion, progress has been non-existent.

It may well come back to a more profitable standing in the New Year, but I feel that anyone who may have joined the service at a similar time to the start of this review is likely to have either cancelled their subscription or would be having serious thoughts about continuing in light of recent performance.

In summary, from 97 selections only 6 have taken first place. Assuming a months trial fee of £49 plus two further months subscription at £79 – from the balance shown above : we would be out of pocket to the tune of £1,125.

So, despite the previous results and the informative website subscription – regretfully, at this time – Cleeve Racing will have to be filed under FAILED.

You can try Cleeve Racing here: