I have been looking Confidential Racing – an email based horse tipping service.

One or more emails are received from 10 AM. According to the website a further email is received at 4 PM for evening racing, but there wasn’t any evening racing during the trial period.

The email contains the selection, the number of points to be bet and the target price. I have generally found the target price still available on the bookies as long as you act as quickly as possible after receiving the email. However, as shown below, you can still make a profitable return using BSP.

Over the 12 week trial period this service has finished over 18 points up, and over 8 1/2 points up using BSP.

Confidential Racing suggest a bank of 115 points; so assuming this type of return is indicative the minimum bank you need is a roundabout £1000 (£2000 is using BSP) to cover subscription costs and still make a profit.

One other thing to note is that the service was just over 30 points down at one stage. This does not impact on my final considerations for the service; I only mention it so that potential customers for the service are aware.

You simply cannot argue with 18 point profit and therefore I am happy to give this service an approved rating.

You can subscribe to Confidential Racing here:Approved2