I’ve been testing this service for 8 months now and it’s time to wrap up this trial.

To remind you, the Trade Copier service was set up in July 2016 to mirror the trades produced by Rogers Consistent Forex Trades service that we tested and awarded a ‘Neutral’ rating back in May last year.

I originally set my copier up to trade at £10 per pip and ran it up to the end of the ‘Daily’ service at the end of November.

It started positively but by the end of November I had lost £594.

Roger then e-mailed to say he was closing the Daily service as the stops were far too close and that his ‘serious’ subscribers all used the weekly levels that his service originally provided. He offered to migrate all subscribers over to the weekly service on the trade copier but recommended trading at a percent of bank rather than a set amount per pip so that the risk was always controlled no matter what the size of the stop was.

Sensibly I took this advice and switched to the weekly copier, risking no more than 5% on each trade. This brought my lot sizes down from £10 per pip to, typically 30p-40p per pip.

Since 29th November to now, I’ve lost a further £243.

This brings my total loss in over eight months of the service to -£837, not including the monthly fees for the trade copier and subscription fees.

I feel that eight months is more than an adequate amount of time to give this service a fair trial and it clearly has to go down as Failed.

You can try the Consistent Forex Trade Copier here: