Week 9

Results are below, but some interesting information first!

I have been sent a results spreadsheet which, for ForEx, is for the trades since 1 March 2015.


Please note these results are for Set and Forget (Unmanaged); there are no comparable data for Set and Forget (Manged) where the results should be better because profits are often taken before a reversal happens.


For ForEx, the risk per trade is 4%


  Pips Increase on Bank
EURUSD +493 +18%
GBPUSD +738 +36%
EURGBP +614 +42%
EURJPY +722 +18%
USDJPY -179 -3%
USDCHF +542 +21%
USDCAD +1985 +81%
AUDUSD -44 -2%


This is why GBPUSD and USDCAD has been selected as the preferred pair (total 2723 pips), but if your bank could stretch to a third pair then EURJPY wouldn’t be a bad candidate (total 3445 pips).


For Indices the data runs from 3 Jan 2016. Remember this data contains 9 fewer months than ForEx.

  Pips Increase on Bank
FTSE +433 +8%
DOW +309 +6%
S&P500 +132 +11%
DAX +595 +6%
NASDAQ +155 +5%


I have been using a pairing of DAX and S&P500 (total 727), but this data suggests that DAX and FTSE (total 1028) would be a better pairing.

The data also includes using the Intraday trade suggestions as Set and Forget. There aren’t any trade management suggestions via Twitter, so these are only Unmanaged. The data only runs from 1 March (7 weeks) and the 7 pips total doesn’t tell the whole story. £155 up (+3%) off a £5k bank and 2% risk is none too shabby. Because the stops are closer the average stake is £1.86

So consider a £5k bank, and select some pairs that will return about 40% over the year from the list above, you should return £2k gross, £800 nett after subscription fees. That is still 16% growth, way better than a savings account for very little work, and remember this is instant access to the money, the higher end savings usually have a withdrawal period (e.g. 30 days). If you can let this money go untouched, compounding will get you a very nice lump sum after a few years.

Some of you may not want to hear this, but ForEx is about steady not explosive growth and this service does appear to provide a very acceptable ROI long-term.

Anyway, this week’s results as promised:

Week 9 Set & Forget Managed  
EURUSD 0.0  
GBPUSD -163.0  
EURGBP 0.0  
EURJPY 103.6  
USDJPY 0.0  
USDCHF 0.0 GU + UCad  
USDCAD -47.8 -210.8  
AUDUSD -20.7  
FTSE 0.0  
DOW 0.0  
S&P500 0.0 S&P + Dax  
DAX 0.0 0.0  
NASDAQ 0.0  
Overall Set & Forget


EURUSD -90.4  
GBPUSD 21.2  
EURGBP -133.2  
EURJPY 117.0  
USDJPY -47.5  
USDCHF 25.0 GU + UCad  
USDCAD 190.6 211.8  
AUDUSD 107.8  
FTSE 211.0  
DOW 142.6  
S&P500 191.3 S&P + Dax  
DAX 387.9 579.2  
NASDAQ 46.8  

If you want to see the full spreadsheet, leave a comment below and I will arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

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