Here is this weeks Set & Forget spreadsheet with Rogers own comments:

“The set and forget spreadsheet displays many alternative combinations. There’s nothing stopping you changing things around to a combination that would suit you, changing the account starting balance and the risk also is easily done. Some traders want lots of action others a trade or 2 per week, it’s all there to see and it’s all on auto pilot set and forget.

Set and forget style trading isn’t for everyone. You need to have a fairly high risk nature and enjoy a gamble but the current results {over 57 weeks for most of the combinations} speak for themselves. Remember, all you do is input the pending orders and walk away.

S&F suits those with limited time {takes about 10 minutes per week}. You need to be in for the long haul, 6 months minimum but really 1-5yrs is ideal. It’s an investment of sorts that like all investments needs the time to materialise.

It’s not that much different than putting your money in to a managed fund and letting a fund manager trade the markets for you other than you have access to your account at all times, {I don’t see it at all}. You can stop and start, withdraw, alternate, adjust positioning and leave instantly should ever you want to. So it’s a ‘fund’ that you leave to set and forget but have full control over your money at all stages. I just provide you with the levels to set as pending orders.

So if you work full time or are a poor trading decision maker or want to have as little input as possible or want to be involved in the financial markets as simple as it gets and above all can actually adhere to the ‘forget’ part of set and forget then take a look at the spreadsheet and ask as many questions as you wish. On the spreadsheet you will find:

As of 1pm UK 08-04-2016 @ 3% risk per trade and on auto pilot set and forget:

– Trading all forex {average of 4 trades per week} +301% account increase.

– Trading all forex + indices {average of 5 trades per week} +269% account increase.

– Trading all 3 euro combinations {average of 1.6 trades per week} +102% account increase.

– Trading 3 ‘uncorrelated’ {average of 1.7 trades per week} +114.5% account increase.

You can of course set and forget any combinations of the 13 markets I release levels for, even an individual one, but spreading the risk and leaving be is by far the most popular choice.”

You can download a spreadsheet of all Set & Forget trades here

As you can see, on Forex, he turned £10,000 into £40,073 from 1st March 2015 only ever risking 3% of his bank on each trade.

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