Consistent Forex Trades (Final)

Let’s start this review that by saying that if you are a trader and understand concepts such as Support and Resistance or Supply and Demand or Order Flow or Order Blocks or similar then simply sign up to Roger’s service and use his levels as an indicator. Price does respect these levels and in conjunction with your existing trading plan I think you’ll find this information profitable. You get 4 weeks to assess the information, so you have nothing to lose.

If the previous paragraph was gibberish to you, don’t worry Roger’s service could be for you too, and even better you don’t even know how to trade! Read on ….

OK, I have been looking at Consistent Forex, a forex signal service that costs £99+vat per month. Each week Roger publishes a level for up to 8 forex pairs and 5 indices (DOW, FTSE and the like).

As someone who is not a Forex trader, you are going to use these as either Set’n’Forget or Auto-Trading. With both methods you put the levels in as pending orders as the markets open for the week (about 10 pm Sunday in the UK) and the trade will either trigger or it is cancelled at 1 pm Friday. The difference is that with Auto-Trading you have some trade management to do (moving your stop-loss) as Roget tweets advice as the trade progresses, or cancel pending trades which have become too risky. Set’n’Forget, on the other hand, is that; you do nothing between setting up the trades and cancelling them as required.

Now comes the tricky part. How to use this service?

You could set levels on all 8 Forex instruments. Roget publishes a spreadsheet for Set’n’Forget only which suggests £10,000 becomes £40,000 in 57 weeks using 3% risk easily covering the almost £1,200 subscription fees. From this you can deduce that a £1,000 bank could become £4,000 in year 1, £10,000 in year 2 and then this becomes a viable second income. Indices have only been going since January but are 25% up so far. Further you could add Set’n’Forget or Auto-Trading to both the quarterly levels and intraday, but I wouldn’t until I see some data on whether these are viable (which I didn’t record as part of this trial).

There is a problem with this approach, if the highly unlikely happened and all 13 trades opened you’d have close to 40% of your entire bank at risk or more if you have quarterly levels and intraday too.

This is the point this review becomes difficult, there are many ways Roger’s information could be used. For example, only trade the first 3 or 4 instruments to open (there are an average 4.3 Forex trades each week and 2.8 Indices, 7 trades would be 21% of bank at risk), or identify the 3 or 4 most profitable and only trade these (USD/CAD, GBP/USD and Dax perhaps). I’m sorry, you need to look at the spreadsheet and decide your own strategy, although I am sure Roger would be able to offer advice.

My trial used auto-trading but I also recorded set’n’forget for comparison.  Overall (Forex and Indices) set’n’forget was 360 pips down where as auto-trading 36 pips up. From this data I’d have to recommend that you manage trades using Roger’s tweets and web site updates.

This is some preamble to the results I recorded during the trial which are:

Set & Forget Auto Trading
EURUSD 148.2 -9.0
GBPUSD -708.8 -244.8
EURGBP -119.8 -119.8
EURJPY -11.8 37.6
USDJPY -346.6 -62.2
USDCHF -74.7 46.2
USDCAD 376.2 190.2
AUDUSD 186.0 -20.0
All Forex -551.3 -181.8
FTSE -2.1 147.5
DOW -20.8 142.6
S&P500 -298.4 -294.1
DAX 512.8 201.3
NASDAQ -0.5 20.8
All Indices 191.0 218.0
All -360.3 36.2


I have been referencing Roger’s data so far, but this is not how we judge system performance. As you can see from the table above, overall we are only 36 pips up, and there’d be 3 months of subscription fees for this. This does really show that Forex is a long-term investment but within our timeframe of 13 weeks, 36 pips profit is not enough to approve this service. Nor is it low enough to fail the service which means only neutral is left. However, I hope you can see past this to the potential this service offers.

You can try Consistent Forex Trades here:Neutral