A couple of weeks ago I told you about a small British biotech firm that has developed a Covid-19 edible vaccine. I got a bit of criticism for that article from people that misunderstood the implications of it and my motivations for highlighting it.

My intention was never attempting to sell a snake oil cure for affiliate commissions, as some implied, rather to highlight a company looking for seed funding to allow the development of a potentially world changing vaccine. And I mean that sincerely. A viable vaccine will literally change the world.

I guess I put myself in the firing line whenever I send a newsletter, but for those that asked for more details, the company is called Stabilitech Biopharma Ltd and they are starting to attract big media attention. Tomorrow evening they are due to be featured in a TV documentary, “The Race for a Cure: Making Britain Safe”. If you are in the UK I highly recommend you tune in (Thursday), ITV, 7:30pm.

Here is Stabilitech on American TV CNBC

This is a huge technological breakthrough and has massive advantages over other vaccines:

  • It can be delivered to patients via the post (allowing mass deployment, very quickly)
  • It is easily self administered (just swallowed like an aspirin)
  • There’s no need for any injections (no healthcare professionals at risk)

In the pharmaceutical world, Stabilitech is still a small player but their solution could totally change the way ALL vaccines are delivered. This is a true revolution and Stabilitech potentially have the solution the world is so desperately seeking right now.

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