Cricket betting is a new sport for me, so I was interested to see how this goes.

A 150-point bank is recommended which means a starting bank of £1,500 to get to our standard £10 per point.

Tips are sent between 7.00am to 8.30am. I recorded results to the advised prices and recorded Betfair prices at some point before the starting matches, as the email is received. I deducted 2% commission from Betfair wins.

Betfair results are going to be slightly off as the service uses accumulators that I cannot place on the exchanges. Where this type of bet is advised the Betfair result used the bookmaker’s returns.

I started looking at Cricket Betting Tipster back in September 2020 but as we only had 56 bets at the end of the usual 13-week trial I decided to run on for a longer trial. It is now end of February and we have seen 102 bets.

From 102 bets, 55 have won at an average (advised) price of 1.81 for a slight loss of 4.95 points. BSP average odds are also 1.81, but because of the stake plan, BSP ended down only 3.52 points. So slight losses before subscription payments.

The service is easy enough, you receive an email and you place the bets. There are some multiples (doubles) which you can’t get on via the exchanges, and very rarely Betfair did not have the required market, but the bets are for a particular match win result and not for exotics like under/over total runs, highest scorer etc.

It is disappointing to run the service for 164 days and not see a profit. However, the loss is manageable where a run of good results would easily turn this service around; for that reason I am categorising this as neutral.

You can get Cricket Betting Tipster here.