As my current rials are coming to an end, I asked Graham for some new stuff to start. He sent me a list of six services and said “We need to review all of the above at some point”. In a brain-fart moment I said, sign me up for all of them then. Cripes.

First up is Cricket Betting Tipster, from Betting Gods. Cricket betting is a new sport for me, so I am interested to see how this goes.

A 150-point bank is recommended which means a starting bank of £1,500 to get to our standard £10 per pip.

Tips are sent between 7.00am to 8.30am. I’ll record results to the advised prices and will try to record Betfair prices at some point before the starting matches, hopefully as the email is received. I’ll deduct 2% commission from Betfair wins.

Betfair results are going to be slightly off as the service uses accumulators that I cannot place on the exchanges. Where this type of bet is advised the Betfair result will use the bookmaker’s returns.

More info here.