We reviewed this service almost two years ago so now is a good time for an update.

To remind you, you don’t need to know anything about cricket to be able to use the service as the e-mails are very clear about what you need to bet on. Obviously if you do have an interest in cricket then this service can give you that little bit extra, as you’ll have some money riding on the game.

The tipster, Anth, concentrates on side markets within cricket as they frequently contain big value bets and the results are excellent. It’s a fairly relaxed service with only a few bets a week.

In my original three month trial, the service made 52 points profit or £520 at £10 bets.

I have stayed on the service since the trial and the results since then are:

Mar-12 9.85
Apr-12 10.21
May-12 -4.21
Jun-12 3.18
Jul-12 0.92
Aug-12 4.89
Sep-12 17.01
Oct-12 -7.73
Nov-12 -4.56
Dec-12 35.67
Jan-13 9.71
Feb-13 -13.05
Mar-13 -8.45
Apr-13 24.41
May-13 5.85
Jun-13 31.75
Jul-13 1.92
Aug-13 11.8
Sep-13 1.84
Oct-13 -3.66
Nov-13 -1

Total: 126.35

So that’s a total profit of £1783 to £10 bets since I’ve been on the service which is, considering the low number of bets, an excellent return.

This is a great value service (£7 for the first month!) and does deliver what it promises, which is a consistent profit for not much effort. A good strike rate, good customer service and good profits, I have no option other than to give this a big thumbs up from me.Approved2

You can try Cricket Tipster for £7 here: