June hasn’t been a good month for cryptos in general. The portfolio lost $229.94 and reached an all-time low of $989.26 on June 22nd, but has recovered somewhat to £1139.27 since. CTA’s overseer, Mac indicates that we are likely in an interim bear market at present.

Here are the stats for the first four months of the review:

Acquisition Cost: $1160.14 (Completed on February 11th, 2021)

Starting Bank for Review: $1273.27 (March 1st, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $989.26 (June 22nd, 2021)

Maximum Bank: $2197.55 (May 10th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 2/4

Current Bank: $1139.27 (June 30th, 2021)

Profit/Loss Since March 1st: $134.00

Profit/Loss Since Acquisition: $20.87

Return on Bank since March 1st: 10.5%

Return on Bank since Acquisition: 1.8%

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio from March 1st through June 30th, 2021:

The values each day are Noon amounts.

One can of course sell one’s portfolio at any time, but I will be following the official portfolio and playing the market cycle most likely for at least a year.

There have been recommended changes to the CTA portfolio by the CTA overseer, Mac. And I have implemented them on July 5th and 6th, 2021. This is playing the market and protecting the portfolio’s long-term success. I will report further on this in next month’s report.

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