A second profitable month and the portfolio has risen by a further $312.92 in April 2021.

Here are the stats for the first two months of the review:

Acquisition Cost: $1160.14 (Completed on February 11th, 2021)

Starting Bank for Review: $1273.27 (March 1st, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $1273.27 (March 1st, 2021)

Maximum Bank: $1913.27 (April 16th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 2/2

Current Bank: $1873.92 (April 30th, 2021)

Profit Since March 1st: $600.65

Profit Since Acquisition: $713.78

Return on Bank since March 1st: 47.17 %

Return on Bank since Acquisition: 61.53 %

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio during March and April 2021:

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