This is a relatively new Lay service from the Betting Gods stable. They currently offer a 30 day trial for just £1.

It looks to be quite a good service going on the published results with £869 profit to £10 stakes since September, or an average of £108 per month. It has just over 80% strike rate with around 60 bets per month. Most lays are low liability although the occasional double figure bet is advised.

I tested this for three full months from February-April. The first two months we unremarkable with a profit of just 1.75 points but April gave great results making it worth the wait.

Here’s the stats:

Bets: 127
Winners: 105
Losers: 22
Strike rate: 83%
Avg Odds: 5.33

Profit: 20.46 points

I’m happy with this service. It’s relaxed and consistent. There are losing months which is to be expected from horse racing, but the winning months are very profitable and the graph looks good with a steady overall upwards movement and an average ROI of 5.18%.


I’d say this would make a worthwhile addition to your betting portfolio.

You can try Cudworth’s Racing Lays for 30 days for just £1 here:Approved2


This service is no longer in operation