Mid-test Review 

So far, the results pretty much speak for themselves.  Irrespective of weather, abandoned meetings and bearing in mind the test began well before Christmas, the system shows an unwanted consistency.  I don’t believe the weather can be blamed for the poor results, as other systems have performed much better during this period.  There are rare days when a reasonable profit is made, occasional days resulting in a small profit, much more common small losses and the nearly as common large loss.  I would need to check through all the results (something I’m not prepared to do at the moment), but I cannot recall a day when there has been a large profit: if I am mistaken then there hasn’t been more than one.  Unless there is a drastic turnaround, I cannot see this system making it on to the Approved Systems list.

My subjective experiences of this system are not great, either.  It is exceptionally easy to make selections.  To say that a moderately intelligent eight year old could make the selections is not a figure of speech.  The hardest job the eight year old would have is opening a Betfair account (and getting sufficient pocket money from Dad).  Unfortunately, because the selection system is so simple I’ve found it very boring.  On a “normal” day’s racing (no abandoned meetings etc) there can be 20-30 potential selections, though half or more will not qualify on price.  Inputting these into GHB and remembering to ensure that potential selections – currently out of range on price – are not missed, is not too bad.  However, if I didn’t have a bot (of the GHB variety), I would soon have given up on sitting at the computer waiting for the start of each race.  If this system eventually proves profitable (I’m not holding my breath) it might suit some, but I would not be among them.

I will continue until the system has been “live tested” for 30 days, or until the bank has run out and I will then post a final review.  I hope it will be more positive, but I’m still not holding my breath, and I will attempt to go into more detail.