I used the system three days last week.  It staged a small recovery on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday it gave back more than twice what was recovered.  By Saturday evening I felt as if I had spent the day banging my head against a brick wall, so I took Sunday off and – for some strange reason – I did not feel the urge to use the system Monday-Wednesday evening.

As there are usually a lot of selections, I am now going to present the results in summary form.  I haven’t been giving race times or names of selections, so I don’t think there will be any significant loss of information.

RESULTS – Thursday 27-11-08 

£10 level stakes
Successful lays:  13 =    £123.50  PROFIT 
Unsuccessful lays:  4 =  -£118.50  LOSS  
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L:        £5.00
Current bank:  £741.70

RESULTS – Friday 28-11-08

£10 level stakes
Successful lays: 11 =   £104.50  PROFIT
Unsuccessful lays: 3 = -£54.80  LOSS
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L: £49.70
Current bank: £791.40

RESULTS – Saturday 29-11-08

£10 level stakes
Successful lays: 12 =   £114.00  PROFIT
Unsuccessful lays: 6 = -£248.30  LOSS
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L:  -£134.30
Current bank: £657.10