I’ve been running behind with posting the system results: real life conspiring to keep me away from the computer assisted by a nice pre-Christmas cold.

For various reasons, I decided to wait until last Thursday to carry on with the test.  There was a repeat of Friday 5th, with winning selections throughout the day.  Then the last race producing a losing selection.  Fortunately, this time the selection that chose to romp home first was odds on and the day was the most profitable so far.  Friday resulted in another profit, though slightly smaller than Thursday’s.  Saturday, I was again unable to get online and Sunday ended with the system making a small loss.

RESULTS – Thursday 11-12-08 

£10 level stakes
Successful lays:  7 =       £66.50  PROFIT 
Unsuccessful lays:  1 =   -£6.30  LOSS  
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L:        £60.20
Current bank:  £730.30

RESULTS – Friday 12-12-08

£10 level stakes
Successful lays: 12 =    £114.00  PROFIT
Unsuccessful lays: 3 =  -£71.80  LOSS
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L: £42.20
Current bank: £772.50

RESULTS – Sunday 14-12-08

£10 level stakes
Successful lays:  3 =      £28.50  PROFIT 
Unsuccessful lays:  2 =  -£37.30  LOSS  
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L:        -£8.80.00
Current bank:  £763.70