First of all a quick message to avid readers of my posts:  Thank you both for your patience.  It may seem like I fell off the edge of the planet, but that is not the case.  Instead I joined the ranks of those suffering not from Curse of the Handicapper, but from the Curse of What is Going to be the Next Domestic Crisis.  Unfortunately, each time I asked, “What next?”  I soon found out. Fortunately, things appear to be more or less back to normal (crossing fingers) and so I will pick up the test where I left off.  However, the hint of a recovery mentioned in my last post seems to have disappeared and the system is performing much more in the way I have come to expect: yesterday recorded another significant loss.

RESULTS – Thursday 15-01-09

£10 level stakes
Successful lays:  7 =       £66.50  PROFIT 
Unsuccessful lays:  4 =  -£169.40  LOSS  
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L:      -£102.90
Current bank:  £660.80