Foolishly – but in my defence, unintentionally – using GHB, I ran two systems on the same Betfair account.  I then had to sit down and unravel which results applied to which system.  A reminder to me of the importance of keeping accurate records.

Once unravelled, the results for last Saturday (24th Jan) were only mildy uninspiring.  On Thursday, 29th the Curse lived up (down?) to it’s name and these results were somewhat more uninspiring.

Although this test has been running since well before Christmas, there have been only about 15-16 days when I have live tested the system.  Over this extended period there has been a certain consistency to the results and the bank is down by 40%.  At this rate, and assuming 30 days of live testing, it looks possible that there will be a race to see which arrives first; the end of the test, or the end of the bank.

As this is approximately half way through the test, I will shortly post a mid-test review.  There are no prizes for guessing whether I will have fulsome praise for the system.

RESULTS – Saturday 24-01-09

£10 level stakes
Successful lays:  12 =     £116.00  PROFIT 
Unsuccessful lays:  7 =  -£133.00  LOSS  
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L:       -£17.20
Current bank:  £652.60

RESULTS – Thursday 29-01-09

£10 level stakes
Successful lays:  7 =       £66.50  PROFIT 
Unsuccessful lays:  4 =  -£115.50  LOSS  
Starting bank: £1000
Daily P/L:       -£49.00
Current bank:  £603.60