Over the course of the next month (longer, if necessary) I shall be testing Curse of the Handicapper.  This is another system from Sportsworld Publishing and it’s aim is to profit from laying relatively short priced selections: strangely, given the title, this is not limited to handicaps.  In keeping with their other systems, the “e-book” is (very) short and to the point. 

The system is provided in the form of a Word document and to say that this is an e-book free from the usual padding is to understate the case.  This is not so much an e-book as an e-leaflet: the document runs to a grand total of six pages… and two of those are blank.  All the system rules appear on the first page, so on that basis, even this system has three pages of padding!!

Clearly, anyone who equates quantity with quality will be bitterly disappointed with this system.  However, the rationale appears to be that a system is a set of rules and anything that isn’t a set of rules is padding.  So what the purchaser gets is a set of rules (and three pages of “padding”!)

A betting bank of 100 points is advised and the e- “book” states that the use of a staking plan will ensure that profits will be a lot higher.  However, there is no mention of which staking plan to use, nor is there any mention of how many points to stake per selection.  In my experience Sportworld Publishing show their results using £100 level stakes: staking 1 point per selection I would need a betting bank of £10,000.  That sort of figure is too rich for me and I do not regard it as realistic.  Consequently, for the purposes of this test I will use a betting bank of £1000 (which gives £10 per point) and I will stake one point per selection.  

Moving on to the system itself: Curse of the Handicapper is easy to understand and very straightforward to operate, to the point that anyone who can read “the cat sat on the mat” should have no difficulty with it.  There was only one point in the rules which was not clear and this was clarified on the second page.  The system is so straightforward, that if I were to give the selections it would be easy for anyone so inclined to work out most of the rules.  Consequently, my results will show only the race time, the odds at which I layed (this will not necessarily be bookies’ or Betfair’s SP) and outcome.

I have yet to use the system, but my initial impression is that there will be a lot of selections: I am assuming that the profit margin is likely to be slim and, if this is so, that the volume of selections should counter the narrow profit margin.  If this were a one-a-day system I suspect users might turn into wrinkled prunes long before a worthwhile profit could be made; however, this system is likely to be at the opposite end of the spectrum from one-a-day.  Whilst I am pre-judging the outcome, I sense that there could be fairly long periods when the bank goes sideways or backwards; hence running the system for longer than one month if necessary.  The system does seem to be based on sound principles, however, and I am hoping that it will produce long-term profits.

In keeping with my usual practice I will attempt to cover all racing from Thursdays to Sundays and, if I am able to, I will also cover evening racing the rest of the week.  The system should be easy to use with GHB and I will be using the bot do the boring bit’s for me.  However, due to what were probably ISP problems I only set up GHB the same day that I use it.

I expect to begin the test some time over the weekend, hopefully tomorrow (Friday)