This is a one-off review of the Curve Profit Plan that has just been released by Matt Watson.

The reason this is a one off review rather than a standard two-three month blog test is simply because the very nature of this system means that a two-three month test would be pointless and when we look at the previous results you’ll understand why this is.

The Curve Profit Plan is a micro system. This means that it only runs for a certain period of time each year. It’s starts on the 1st of January and ends when the bank has increased by 30%, or a set date at which you break even or take whatever profit you have.

I shall be running this system from 1st January 2013 and will of course publish my results, however, once you know the system rules it’s possible to back test the system to see what occurred over previous years.

Matt has already done the extensive research necessary, going back ten years, and these were his findings…

-The CPP system has made a 30% profit each year in 8 out of the last 10 years.

-Using level stakes and compounding the bank each year that’s a staggering 700% increase!

-The only 2 years it didn’t make a profit were 2004 and 2006 when it broke even.

-CPP comes with 10 years of fully verifiable results.

-CPP can be fully automated with The Bet Engine.

-This is a low liability laying system. The vast majority of the selections will be below 2.0, which means in the event of a losing lay, you actually lose less than your original stake.

You can see a breakdown of each years results on the website but what interests me about this system is that it can be totally automated using the Bet Engine. So all I have to do is download the Bet Engine file that is provided with the system, and on 1st January I simply start it running on my VPS and leave it until it hits it’s 30% profit target. I then stop, and either withdraw the profit or roll it over into the bank again ready for the next year.

30% return on anyone’s money is excellent, especially when you can start with a very small bank if you like, and you don’t actually have to do anything if you use a bot.

Based on what I have seen so far I’m happy to approve this system. It’s comes as a one-off payment, with a refund guarantee, and it looks like a neat little addition to anyone’s betting portfolio.

You can get The Curve Profit Plan here: