Hi, my name is Nigel Nathan and I’m a new reviewer for Cash Master.

Brief background; I love sport in general and it’s easy to see why horse racing is the sport of Kings. Having tried numerous systems, my personal method is more trading as it suits my style of small but regular profits. I also believe that you constantly need to fine tune anything that works as all systems eventually need to be updated as time catches up with them. In my book the keywords are patience and discipline.

Anyway enough about me, I have been given the task of completing a trial and review of Cutting Edge Selections by Kunix Solutions. This only started on the Friday the 13th (superstition is not part of reality) and my first impression of the service is measured by communication and this is very good. The opening E-mail arrived early, the text service was set up straight away, and the method of betting is very simple. I understand that the service has been running several months now and the results provided show profit each month since April with a high of 98 points in June and a low of plus 7 points in July.

The selections are sent into your E-mail box daily with a text reminder which is useful for busy lives, but not every day; they miss the occasional day if they do not consider there is an opportunity. The recommended bank is 200 points and the selections are win only with either a 1 or 2 point stake and the key point is to bet at Betfair Exchange SP only. My early impressions are that they select based on value. So far they have not given any favourite as a pick. The benefit of Betfair SP is there to see when on day 2 they selected “Wolf of Windlesham” returning at 16.67 BSP compared with 12/1 at best odds bookmakers.

There are 5 or 6 selections on average per day however this can be as low as 2. First impression is very good; simple communication with value selections and a down to earth approach taking minutes a day to operate and can easily be done via your smart phone for busy people.

Let’s see how we get on.


Nigel Nathan