I have been looking at Daily Tipping Point, a tipping service costing £16 per month.

These horse racing tips are received via email in the morning and I used Betfair SP unless advised otherwise to record the results.

What I haven’t seen is any advice on Money Management. So I used a flat £10 stake, but also operated from a £1,000 bank, risking a cumulative 3% per bet.

It’s an irritating service, where the video on the sales page put my teeth on edge. I remember that this video guarantees a ROI of something like 187% each week, but I really cannot face watching the video again to confirm this.

Then, to cap it all, my inbox is being spammed with sales offers for other systems and services, taking me from irritation to loathing.

If the system where any good, maybe, perhaps, I could stomach this. But minus £160 to £10 stakes and minus £418 on cumulative bank plus £16 per month on top says that this isn’t any good. A positive ROI was never achieved, and we had just (barely) 2 winning weeks.

My tipping point has been reached, and as I see no redeeming features to this service it is certainly NOT approved.

You can try Daily Tipping Point here:

No Longer Available