Well the Daisy launch was crazy. I wanted to buy $3,100 worth of tokens, which was the maximum allowed at the time, at just 10c. I managed to get $300 worth at the 10c but my transaction processing got stuck and by the time the $200 Tier went through, all the rest of the 10c tokens had been bought up in about ten minutes.

It was really frustrating watching all the tokens get bought up while my screen just kept spinning with a “processing” icon, and even more frustrating when I later found out that there was a ‘fix’ for the processing issue, and had I known at the time I could have simply cleared the history, refreshed the browser and I would have been able to proceed to the next stage.

I think it was something to do with 140,000 people all panic buying at the same time that caused a glitch for some of us.

Still, I did manage to purchase the remainder at 25c and the next day when they opened it up for all the remaining Tiers, I was armed with the knowledge of the processing fix and managed to buy up to Tier 8, $25,000 in total, all at 25c… with the 25c tokens selling out within minutes.

Being a glass half full kinda guy, I think missing out on most of the 10c tokens on the second round may have inadvertently allowed me to get significantly more of the 25c tokens than perhaps I would have done in the third round so overall I’m happy with how it went.

I am aware that a few people left it too late to join Daisy to be able to participate in this pre-sale.

The good news is that until noon tomorrow anyone can join Daisy now, fund up to any Tier they wish in the Endotech AI, and then purchase tokens in the pre-sale, in which the tokens are now 50c.

So for anyone that isn’t particularly interested in the Endotech AI, they can just fund Tier 1 for $100, and they are then allowed to purchase as many Tier 1 token packs as they want in the presale. This means if you wanted $10,000 worth of tokens, you can purchase just Tier 1 in Daisy for $100 and then go to the daisypresale.com site and purchase one hundred $100 token packs to get $10,000 worth of tokens, giving you 20,000 tokens.

This is only available until noon tomorrow (UK time) after which it goes into the Preferred Customer round which means people can buy Daisy tokens without joining Daisy at all, and only by using a link provided by an existing Daisy member (me!).

Those tokens will be sold at $1.25 each so it makes a LOT more sense to purchase for 50c before noon tomorrow (or even $1).

In fact there’s a short 6 minute video that explains the advantages of doing that here:

If you wish to get involved you can join Daisy by following this video

This is my referral link: https://daisy.global/r/cashmaster

And once you’ve funded your Tier or Tiers in Daisy you go here to purchase your tokens: