It’s been a while but it’s time for an update on Daisy.

Just to remind you, Daisy is an opportunity to participate in a high tech artificial intelligence trading strategy provided by a company called Endotech. Prior to Daisy, the Endotech trading strategies were only available to private clients with a minimum trading bank of $1 million and came with a hefty $100,000 set up fee, plus 30% of any trading profits.

But you can now participate in the Endotech trading AI via Daisy with as little as $100 and an unlimited maximum. It’s all done via smart contracts on the Tron blockchain and your own personal Tron wallet.

It started up last year and had a false start due to initially taking deposits in the Tron blockchains native token, TRX, but there were issues with the fluctuating values of TRX so they switched to using USDT and relaunched in April 2021.

I really liked the look of it so went in with what was at the time the maximum amount allowed and back then it was trading only the crypto market. We knew from the start that this was a new market for the AI engine and that it would take some time for it to learn and develop. It did really well initially but after a few months it ended up giving back all it had made. It’s been learning all the time though and is now on version 20 and is finally starting to show some real progress.

But in addition to this, last April Endotech launched it’s Forex engine which, as the name suggests, trades on the foreign exchange markets rather than crypto. I didn’t go in so heavy on this one but I did participate and the results on this have been nothing short of astounding. In fact it’s done so well that a month or so back, Endotech gave us the opportunity to transfer 70% of our crytpo trading funds into the forex to take advantage of the huge gains. The crypto engine is still running of course and, as I said, beginning to show real promise now.

But have a look at these FX results since last April:

And the current compounded profit:

Yep, you read that right… 400%… In eight months!

Withdrawals can be made every weekend and all funds go straight back in USDT to your Tronlink wallet.

At this stage, for anyone interested in participating, I would say to definitely go for the FX trading package and then you can always put some of your profits into the crytpo trading once we can see it’s producing good profits (and the aim of the crypto trading engine is to produce even better profits than the FX).

You can find a full presentation on Daisy, including videos showing you exactly how to particpate below.

Daisy are running an event in Dubai in February where we have the opportunity to meet the founders and there will be a representative there from Ernst & Young who are one of the “Big Four” accountancy firms in the world who independently audit all the trades.

If you’re interested in coming along you can find details HERE

I will be going to this event and while I’m there I’m staying for a couple of extra days so that I can also take some people to go and visit the WeWe Global/LyoPay head office in Dubai and spend a few hours with Alessio Vinassa and the team, so if you’re interested in either Daisy or WeWe Global, or both, and want to come along then this is an absolutely fantastic opportunity to meet the founders of both projects. Just let me know and we can arrange it.

You can find full information on Daisy, including videos on how to get involved here: