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I’ve got something rather special for you today.

It’s called Daisy, which stands for Decentralised Artificial Intelligence System, and it’s likely to become rather huge over the next few weeks and months.

In a nutshell, this is a crowdfunding initiative that runs entirely over smart contracts on the Tron blockchain, with the goal of raising half a billion dollars with which an incredibly smart computer will trade on the financial markets, hopefully making incredible profits for all who participate.

If your eyes have glazed over because you have no idea what that means then fear not, as usual I have plenty of videos for you walking you through the process.

You can get involved with as little as $100 and all profits are paid automatically, and instantly, into your personal Tron wallet. It’s completely automated, decentralised and cannot be interfered with by humans (so nobody can run off with our money).

You will be hearing quite a bit about this from many different sources over the coming weeks as many are predicting an onslaught of over one million people joining this in the first month alone. This is because early adopters benefit from something called ‘spillover’ whereby they can automatically earn extra income from people that get involved after them, without ever having to refer anyone.

Of course there will be the usual suspects complaining that this is a scam (to drive traffic to their monetized websites) but fortunately the company behind this are completely legitimate with a great history of trading profits for institutions and will have their trading records fully audited every three months by one of the top four auditors in the world. So complete transparency assured in both trading activities and fully verifiable blockchain smart contracts.

Although there is a generous referral program developed specifically to explode growth, there are absolutely no requirements to promote or recruit anyone as the AI trading engine aims for 300%-400% gains per year, and you get to keep 70% of the trading profits, paid instantly into your wallet at the click of a button. This makes it a potentially excellent passive income opportunity for those looking to diversify.

There is a real early mover advantage to this too. I joined Daisy in the beta launch in January and so far have referred only three others. This means that the first people to join using my link will benefit from the spillover of all the people that join after them, and there will be a lot of people joining. This means you can benefit not only from the trading profits, but also from referral income without having to refer anyone.

Daisy opens for new registrations at 9pm (BST) this evening.

Anyway, I’d encourage you to take a look. By all accounts, this could be a phenomenal opportunity so I’m very keen to see what happens over the following months.

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