15th May:

Johnny Gonzalez 1.8 £125
Be Fair 1.72 -£100

16th May:

Dantes Back 1.6 -£100
Westgrove Berry 1.5 £200
Alexander Of Hales 1.8 -£100

17th May:

Dance of Light 1.6 -£100
Eternal Path 1.8 £125 

Level Staking Total -£215.

Progressive Staking Total £1300

They recommend aiming for 1% of your betting bank as a profit target therefore to win £100 per winning lay using progressive staking we would need a betting bank of £10,000. On the losing run of 5 we would have spent £1175.80 and the sixth stake would have the same amount roughly, so easily within the bank’s margins and probably enough fluidity in the market if betting just before the off.

Of course, with a £1000 bank we would aim for £10 per winning lay and we would be £130 in profit so far.