I have to admit to being very excited about this service when I first
looked at it. In April they made £1700 profit to £100 stakes laying
odds-on favourites to lose. As far as I’m aware they are the only
service to tip odds-on losers and for me this is ideal because I’ve
had it with services and systems that recommend laying 10/1 horses
only to see them win and about three weeks of profits wiped out.
So how did they do in May? Well, I have to admit I was slightly
disappointed in the level stakes results. They achieved a 38% strike
rate on the lays which even at odds-on was not enough to produce a
profit. It showed a loss at £100 liabilities of £713. Still, over the
two month period thats still £987 profit.

However, despite a respectable profit over the two months of their
history, they actually recommend using one of two staking plans, one
riskier than the other. Personally I wouldn’t recommend the
Martingale style doubling up after a loser method because the
liabilities on a losing run could easily get out of hand, however
the safer method of aiming for a target profit of 1 point and
re-calculating the stake after a losing bet to recover your previous
stake and still achieve the 1 point profit works very well. They
recommend using a 100 point bank so even with a losing run of five
bets (which happened during the test) the betting bank was hardly
dented and the profit targets reached every time.

Aiming for a £100 profit target, the profit for May would have been
£2,200. Even aiming for just £10 per winning lay, that still equates
to £220 profit for the month which isn’t bad at all.

As the service has shown a good profit to advised stakes I’m happy
to move it to the approved tipsters section