We had three lays advised yesterday:

2.55 Pontefract, Binocular (1.98) Lost +£97

4.05 Pontefract, Manaal (Didn’t qualify as couldn’t get below 2.0) Lost

7.05 Cheltenham, Beauchamp Oracle (1.84) Won -£100

I put an offer in on Manaal for 1.95 but it never got matched which was a shame seeing as it lost. Have to stick to the rules though. I noticed Beauchamp Oracle went off at 5/4 so had I been placing my bets closer to the off then this wouldn’t have qualified for a bet, but I suppose it could go the other way too, if it had lost I would have been glad to have got my bet matched earlier rather than not taking it.

Still I drew even today, well -£3, so I can really see the potential of this service. With the bets always being odds on and as long as we have over 50% strike rate, which shouldn’t be too much to ask for a laying system, then it’ll profit.