Yesterdays results:

Pretty Miss 1.91        3.00 Folk      -£100
Welsh Auction 1.95   3.50 Catt       £100
Picacho 1.82             4.10 Here     -£100
Torrens 1.95            5.30 Folk       £100

So two winning bets and two losing bets drawing even again for the day.

Fortunately I chose not to lay Pretty Miss because it was a 1st For Racing tip, so I backed it instead. So I won on that with my 1st for racing betting bank and I also profited by £100 on my Dark Horse betting bank because I didn’t lay it. But of course, for the benefit of this test I’m putting it down as a losing bet as it was tipped to be layed.

Right, I’m off to Wales now for a friends wedding and unfortunately there is no Internet access where we are staying so I will not only not be able to update the blog until Tuesday, but even worse, I won’t be able to do any betting!

I’ll still be getting the tips sent to me so I’ll check all the results and do an update on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!