Oh dear….

Spirit of Sharjah 1.58    3.10 Good -£100
Rajnagan 1.57              5.30 Clon -£100
Brave Rebellion 1.57      7.10 Weth -£100
Magic Moth 1.95            8.20 Ayr +£100
Your Sum Man 1.95      8.30 Clon -£100

The current profit/loss is -£456.

I didn’t actually bet on any of these because one was a back bet by 1st For Racing and the other was a Saver System back bet, both of which won of course.

I’m going to paper trade for the rest of the month to see how they get on. This could possibly be just a bad patch. What I would say though is that if you followed the suggested staking plan then the losses would be a lot greater. If indeed this does prove to be a profitable service then I would only recommend level staking with it!