11th May
Harcus Six Zero – No bet
12th May
Vision Of Grandeur – Won at 1.40
Aleatory – No bet     
Gold Hush – Won at 1.80       
Orama’s Ghost – Lost at 1.60
13th May
No Bets

14th May
Farmer Brown – Won at 1.60
Grasp – Lost at 1.80
In A Rush – Lost at 1.50

Current balance at £100 level stake lay liabilities is -£265

I should clarify that I have chosen to test this system using level stake liabilities as that allows me to see how workable this system is placing my bets in the morning, and last month it showed a great profit doing it this way. However, they recommend you use a progressive staking system, either a straight Martingale style whereby you aim for 1 point, then 2,4,8 etc. on each consecutive losing bet or the safer target profit progressive staking whereby you aim for say £100 and if the bet loses you add the lost stake to the target profit and continue.

Doing it this way would certainly have guaranteed a profit so far this month and looking back over the stats I can see generally very short losing runs although we did go five bets without a win between 8th and 10th. However, using sensible money managment this shouldn’t have been a problem.