This month I’m going to be blogging results from a new laying service called Dark Horse Racing. Now, I know we’ve done a lot of laying systems recently but there are a lot out there and I want to find the Holy Grail of laying, that being a laying system or service that lays very short priced, or even better, odds-on horses to lose.

I am no longer interested in laying systems that boast 95% strike rates etc. because as we all know, you can have ten winning bets followed by one losing bet that wipes out all your betting bank and puts you back to square one. This is too frustrating for me, and I’m sure you feel the same.

Dark Horse Racing seems to be just what I have been looking for. They are a new service that have been proofing to the Racing Index since April and from the same yard as Blackjack Racing. I checked last months results and I couldn’t believe what I saw… they had 31 bets only 19 of which were winning bets yet they made £1700 profit to £100 stakes. For a laying service a 61% strike rate doesn’t make any sense until I saw the SP’s… they were all odds-on apart from one which wouldn’t have been a qualifying bet anyway because this service only lays odds-on horses!

Now, I have been impressed with the Lay the Best system because of the short priced favourites, but a laying service that only lays odds-on favourites is a new one on me and to my mind certainly worth a look.

So, let’s see how they get on this month as well. I will be testing it by staking £100 on each advised selection to lose. By this I mean my liability will be £100 so I will win whatever the odds dictate, but being odds on it should always be more than the stake. I will also deduct any Betfair commission in the results.

The tips come out around lunchtime so if I do not blog them live, then I’ll put up the results the next day.