FINAL UPDATEpiggy_bank_and_hammer

Well, this has now finished off the bank of 50 points and the losing run is up to 79.

Selections 101/ winners 2 / losers 90 / non runners 9

Profit/loss SP: -60 points

Profit/loss BSP – 5%: -51.6 points

Longest losing run: 79

So this obviously must go into the FAILED category.

The same source also produces Race Spy, and I have decided to abandon this one as well. Unfortunately, there have been some communication problems with the provider, and suspicions that emails are being used to bombard subscribers with other unwanted services. I have been recording Race Spy results for a month, and although they aren’t as bad as Dark Horse Selections, they do seem to be struggling. For each selected race you are provided with three selections: the main one, for a 2 point win; another win only for a 1 point win; and thirdly, an each way chance for one point win, one point place. I quite like the thinking behind it, but it didn’t really take off in that month.

All in all, there were 60 races recorded in the month. The BSP result ended with -15.88 points and the SP at -45.08.

It has to be said that we always try to look into the bona fides of service providers before taking them on, but this isn’t always possible as we are part of the bona fides. Nothing is more helpful than an independent, full and honest review, and that is what we at Cash Master aim to provide. I know we are all in a hurry to make some extra dosh, but in my not inconsiderable experience of following tipsters and services over the past 20 or so years, I can honestly say that I have never come across one where I regret not jumping on board immediately; though there are plenty where I wish I hadn’t done so. So the best advice is to let us do the number crunching and wait for the outcome.

If you’ve taken leave of your senses, you can get Dark Horse Selections here: