DayB4 is a horse race backing system by Val Harrison and Thames Publishing costing a one off £149. The system claims to be able to generate profits of £500 every 4-5 weeks from a starting bank of £250 with a further £250 held in reserve.

So confident is the author in his system that he will offer a refund of the purchase price if £500 of profit is not achieved within 90 days of purchase (as long as you follow the rules and staking to the letter).

As the title implies, selections are completed the evening before racing using freely available data in less than 10 minutes. The manual provided does go through the selection system step by step and is readily easy to follow. There is a form of recovery staking that is brought into play if certain profit levels are not achieved from the daily selections. A betting bank of £500 split into an active £250 bank and a reserve bank of a further £250 sum is recommended; although you equally could have a bank of say £50 and a reserve of £50 or any similar amount that the user is comfortable with committing.

The manual, although detailed, is slightly “woolly” in explaining the recovery methods for differing losing scenarios. Having said that the author promptly replied to my 2 queries and did provide a detailed breakdown of his results to explain the recovery method in action. Essentially when the trading profit hits £500, i.e. trading bank has reached £750 withdraw the £500 and start a new sequence.

The system does really require the user to open accounts with bookmakers who preferably offer BOG terms the evening before racing to get the best performance from the system. In saying this the user will run the risk of having accounts closed over a period of time, although the bets placed are relatively small and multiple accounts will hopefully limit such events.

I used a paper bank of £250 with a reserve of £250 and started selections on the evening of 3 August.


This is the third and final report on The DayB4 and covers the period 6th October to 31st Oct inclusive.

Cycle 5 was a brief affair running from 6th Oct to 10th Oct and resulted in a loss of £231.50 and brought the cycle to an end. The bank reducing to £891.

Cycle 6 started on 11th October and ran through to 30th Oct and made a profit of £519.50 and the bank finished at £1410.50, a profit over the 3 months of £910. I did however run into the problem again of not having enough funds left in the active £250 bank to cover the staking in cycle 6 that the recovery system requires. Once again I used my own idea of getting around the problem.

So the system does work and a gain of some 182% in 3 months is very impressive and not to be sniffed at, albeit achieved with my own modification to the recovery staking plan. For the sum of £149 that is charged for the system I do believe that this significant and not uncommon problem with lack of funds to initiate recovery staking plans should have been addressed before sale.

There is also the caveat that bookies may close down accounts given that some of the bets can creep up toward £50 -£60 per selection during recovery staking. However by spreading the bets around all of the BOG bookies most especially after a winning run this may be avoided together with other precautions. For instance telephone staking will stop the bookies tracking you on your computer.

So how to judge the DayB4 given the ongoing problem with the recovery method, I believe the system should be given a neutral rating until the author resolves the issue and produces an updated user manual.

You can get DayB4 HERE