Real life is still interfering with my virtual existence, so my apologies for the delay in posting this final review. Unfortunately, the real life issues have been quite serious and have had to take precedence. Also, Murphy’s Law has been at work and since I stopped trialling the service results have improved.

According to the results on the site, when I began this trial the service was doing well. I thought that it may have merit, but assumed that – because of the sometimes very high odds – there could be long losing/ unprofitable runs. Consequently, I decided that if the service was not in profit by the end of the month’s trial I would extend it for a few more weeks, which is what I did.

The website is easy to navigate and it is very easy to check the accuracy of the results. There was never an occasion, nor should there have been, when the site recorded a result differently from me. This has not been my experience with all services.

All results on the website reflect accurately the selections that were given. The only differences were in the prices obtained and this tended to balance out. Where a selection was a winner, sometimes the site recorded a price better than the one I took and sometimes it was the other way round. Although the site records the winners showing “best available odds”, sometimes I managed to improve on the “official” price.

So, the recording of the results on the website cannot be faulted. Unfortunately, the service itself has performed poorly during the trial period and the bank was seriously depleted. On each qualifying match four “mini” bets of £10 are placed. With something like 10-15 matches each weekend, £40 per match from a £1000 bank is too rich for me and I would have been a lot more comfortable risking £20 per match.

I am in no doubt that the service is genuine and anyone who has been subscribing since it was launched would be showing a profit. The nature of the service is such that long unprofitable runs should be regarded as inevitable and that has been the case during the trial. However, given that some of the selections are at odds of 50/1 and over and that there have been a number of winners at these prices, performance could turn round quickly.

As the bank was down by two thirds by the end of the trial, I have no choice but to recommend that the service be filed under Failed. However, for anyone who doesn’t mind the potential long losing runs, it would be worth visiting the site from time to time to see if fortunes have turned round.

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