I have been following tips from DG Tips, a tipster in the Tipster Empire stable that costs £30 per month although there are discounts for purchasing months in bulk.

The setup is simple, you get an email, usually the night before, and you place the bets. It is worth setting up an email alert on your smartphone as you want to get as close to the advised price as possible. The average advised odds was 9.61 and my average odds was 8.76, so delays can make inroads in to your profit.

I ended up 18.59 points, £185.90 at the cash-master standard £10 per point. If you take off £90 for 3-month subscriptions, that is still £95 profit; if you are quicker at placing the bets than I was you could increase this, and a 3 month subscription is £75, saving another £15.

The elephant in the room is that this is bookie based. You are going to have to take steps, such as Virtual Machines and  Jolly Lock IP to keep your accounts open for as long as possible. Betfair finished down 9.6 points (-£96) and as you are taking value the evening before racing, I am not surprised that BSP doesn’t really work.

A very professional services and you can tell that the person behind this service is committed to making you money, so I am happy to approve this service.

You can try DG Tips HERE