Ok, so its been a couple of weeks since the first set of results.  How have we got on? Well, not good to be honest.

Since the last update we’ve had 16 days but only 7 bets. That’s because either its been a no selection day, or, the BSP was too high. Of the 7 bets that we did place, 4 have lost!

So where do we stand, well, 14 bets in total, 8 have won, 6 have lost. Strike rate of 57% and at £10 stakes the bank is down -£63.20.

What about my random picks that I’m using as a comparison? Well, that hasn’t placed a single extra bet in the past 2 weeks. All the random picks have been above 4 at the off. In order to keep the comparison in line with the tips, if the odds are greater than 4, the bet is not placed. So, the random picks still remain at 4 bets, 3 won, 1 loss, 75% strike rate and bank £0.80

That’s all until next time.

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