ok, another 3 weeks have passed since the last update.  What’s been happening? Well, there was a brief bit of excitement on the 20th Feb when the email containing the tip caught me out since it actually contained 2 tips.  There was no other information in the email so I wasn’t sure if this was a typo (a copy and paste error), whether I was supposed to place two bets, or to choose one.  Well, given the lack of information, I decided to place both bets.  As it happens, one of the horses pulled up, and the other was a no bet since the odds ended up higher than the cap of 4.  So, that was the most exciting thing to happen with this system so far, which doesn’t say a lot for the results….

Since the last update, out of the 21 days, I’ve had 6 no bet days, and 3 bets where the odds breached the cap of 4. So, only 14 actual bets placed (don’t forget we had 2 bets on one day). Of the 14 bets, only 9 of them won, and because we are laying, that really isn’t the high enough strike rate that we need.

So, our bank is now down to £-97 (at £10 stakes). We’ve had a total of 40 bets since the test started, 24 have won and, 16 have lost. Our strike rate is currently 60%.

My random selections are doing a little better.  Still we get mostly no bets because the bsp goes over the cap of 4, but over the last 3 weeks I did randomly get 4 more bets that won, and no losers. So for the completely random selections I stand at 10 bets, 9 winners and 1 loser, and the bank is up at +£60.8.

That’s it for now. We are coming towards the end of the test period for Diamond Racing Lays.  We need the next couple of weeks to really have some strong results.

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