I’m going to be reviewing Diamond Racing Lays from Jason Matthews.  This is an email tipping service for laying horses and is managed by “Bets For Today”. The costs for the tips is £29 per month.

Once subscribed, you get one email per day, at anytime between 9am – 2pm, listing the bet for the day. The email contains just one tip.

So, first impressions are that it is a very minimal service. There are no documents to read, nothing to understand, not even a staking plan.  You simply get an email listing one tip, on which you lay the horse.  There is a caveat that, if the lay odds exceed a certain amount (3.99), then you don’t place the bet, otherwise, you place the bet as late as you can.

That’s it, very simple stuff.

Now I’ll be honest up front and say, I am a little sceptical of this. The reason is simply because, how difficult can it be to choose one horse, out of an entire days racing, that is going to lose? I mean, it should be pretty easy right?

Well, I don’t know what decision making process Jason Matthews is using to generate his tip, however, I would be anticipating a pretty high hit rate with this. And that got me thinking, if he is putting effort into this, and studying form and results to choose a horse that is most likely to lose, then we should get better results than just randomly choosing a horse, shouldn’t we?

Well, because of that thinking, along with the official tip, I am also going to record the results of a random pick.  That is, I have a random number generator and it will pick a horse every day, completely randomly and see how I get on.  To be fair, I will keep the same restriction that, if the odds are greater than 4, then I won’t place the bet.

So, I’ve been recording results since the 1st of January and this trial will run for around 3 months. I will be using the BSP to determine the results and using £10 stakes.

So far there have been 14 days, but with the official tips, we have only placed 7 bets. That is because there have been 5 days that had no tip, and 2 days where the odds were over 3.99 so we didn’t place the bet. Of the 7 bets we placed, 5 bets won and 2 lost.  So, 2 losers already, that isn’t the great start that I was hoping for. So, 7 bets, strike rate of 71% and at £10 stakes the bank is at +£8.40.

What about our random selections.  Well, I have only had had 4 bets. The reason is that the odds of the horses that are being picked randomly are quite high, most of the time above our limit of 3.99. That means most of our bets are not being placed.  Anyway, so far, we had 3 bets that won, and 1 that lost. So, 75% strike rate. At £10 stakes our bank is just in profit at £0.80.

Very early days at the moment.  I’ll be providing updates every week or perhaps fortnightly. Lets hope we do well…

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(Note post was edited to correct an original error with the results/bank)