The second week with The Diff Code gave two no trade days, two winners and a loser:

18/8 No Trade
19/8 No Trade
20/8 +£52.46
21/8 -£107.64
22/8 +£51.80

Weekly Profit: -£3.38
Total Profit: +£151.91

What is interesting is that in the weekly roundup e-mail that came out on Friday, they reported a LOSING trade on Wednesday, hitting the stop loss, but I had a winner.

The reason for this can only be the time the trade is put on. The website is usually updated around 6.35am when I presume Martin puts his trade on. But you can place your trade anytime before 8am. Of course, the market is moving over that hour and a half so it’s possible you can get in at a better position (or worse position) than Martin does.

So if you want to match Martins results exactly then you need to place your trade at exactly the same time, or thereabouts.

What is encouraging though is that his reporting is clearly honest and accurate.

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