Another profitable week last week for the Diff Code:

25/8 +£53.04
26/8 -£57.54
27/8 No Trade
28/8 No Trade
28/8 +£51.20

Weekly Profit: +£46.70
Total Profit: +£198.61

Here’s what Martin had to say about the results:

“The August Bank Holiday doldrums are apparent in the markets this week. I’m looking forward to a little more zest with the arrival of September next week.

Three trades were indicated and two were successful. Monday’s trade went in at the recommended profit limit and Tuesday’s was closed at a reduced loss following a “No Trade” signal on Wednesday. Today’s trade, like Monday’s closed at the recommended profit limit giving us an overall profit for the week.

Every little helps, but it’s not the long winning sequences that we know Diff Code can bring. I’m looking forward to some lengthy winning runs when the markets get back into full swing.

Until then, be patient and enjoy the weekend.”

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