A losing week last week for the Diff Code:

1/9 +£50.68
2/9 -£112.20
3/9 No Trade
4/9 No Trade
5/9 No Trade

Weekly Profit: –£61.52
Total Profit: +£137.09

Here’s what Martin had to say about the results:

“Still amazingly quiet with only two trades indicated this week. Mind you a lot of the working community didn’t return until midweek, coinciding with the end of the long summer break enjoyed by the schools.

Monday’s trade was recorded as a winner at the recommended profit level and was perfectly straightforward. Tuesday’s trade was a very close run thing, with the profit range being pushed to the limit before reversing. I know many of you were successful, but it really was down to timing. For the independent trading record, this trade was taken at 7.35, and unfortunately recorded a loss.

So overall a slight negative on what turned out to be a pretty uneventful week. But congratulations, to all those who secured a win on Tuesday and ended the week up.

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