No trade signalled for today so I can wrap this week up. A losing week ? and the second one for this trial.

Week 9: 4 trades (2 wins and 0 still open) for a loss of 208 points, £-212.04 using the starting £2.500 bank.

Overall : 34 trades (28 wins) for a profit of 961 points,. Bank now stands at £3897.88.


As the sign-up window has re-opened, it may be worth my while giving some thoughts on this product.

A simple product, you sign in before 07:00 on a trading day, get a signal, and between 07:00 and 08:00 you place the trade. The trade signal tells you the trade direction and a suggested trading range to enter on to your ticket. The only difficulty is to work out the stake and deciding when to enter the market is also up to you.

Currently 961 pips up; this is £9,610 at the standard, but in this case unrealistic, £10 per pip. The average stop is 141 pips, so you need roughly £30k with 5% risk to run at £10 per pip. I used a (virtual) £2,500 and the bank currently stands a tad under £3,900; a 56% growth on the bank in 9 weeks. Even with the slight setback this week I am still hoping to get close to doubling the bank by the end of the trial!

This product is heading towards an approved rating, but, with 4 weeks to go I won’t make that call just yet. However, the product is very simple, literally less than 5 minutes per day to operate, and, so far, very profitable.

There is a brief window of opportunity to get this strategy now for a one off cost of £297 with a risk free guarantee HERE.

to calculate your stake you take your bank, multiply by your risk, I have been using 5%, and divide by the stoploss.
For example, £1,000 bank, risking 5% with a 140 point stop is £1,000 x 5% / 140 = £50 / 140 = 36p per pip.
Using the bank I started with £2,500 the maths is £2500 * 5% / 140 = £125 risked / 140 = 89p per pip.