Diff Code Transatlantic – Final

I have been looking at Diff Code Transatlantic. This service looks to profit in the price differential between two stock exchange indices. The service costs £297 as a one-off payment. No further costs are required, but for £12.50 per month, billed as £62.60 every 6 months, you can access the website to get the day’s signals. I have not had access to the written material, so I can comment on how easy it is to calculate signals for yourself.

The service is simple to use: log in to the Diff Code website to get, or calculate for yourself, the signal for the day, then between 07:00 and 07:50 log in to your broker and open the trade. On either this product or the sister product that I am reviewing, Diff Code Global, it has been noted that signals sometimes change very close to 07:00; this has only happened twice to my knowledge, but it does mean that I recommend that you check the signal as you go to place your trade.

The average stoploss is 227 pips, but there was a 1039 pip stop on Monday 12th Feb. Profit targets are half the stoploss.

The website boasts a 68% winning percentage and I managed 64%.

After a bad start, the service had just pulled itself back to break-even, then the stock markets had a couple of bad weeks, and, unfortunately, so did this service. I ended up 529 points down, but a few winning trades would soon correct that, so not a disaster.

The broker I used is Core Spreads that only accepts trades in whole pounds (£1.00, £2.00, £5.00 etc), but I have been keeping an eye on a virtual £2,500 bank. The smallest stake is, therefore, £1, and the aforementioned 1039 stop would have risked nearly half the bank, however, I recorded this as a trade. With the average stop you need a bank of around £5,000 for a £1 stake to be about 5% of the bank.

Having recalculated the balances to conform to whole pound stakes, my closing bank is £2,024, a loss of £475.

As no profit made I cannot approve this product, but the level of loss is in the realms where it can be corrected with 1 good week, so I can’t write this off either. Neutral it is then.

You can get Diff Code Transatlantic here