I am also looking at Diff Code Transatlantic from Thames Publishing. The cost is £297 for six months then an optional £75 for each subsequent 6-month period.

The method here is almost the same as Diff Code Global, the difference is in the differential being used.

The method is very simple to operate, you log in to the website and get Green (Buy), Red (Sell) or Amber (no action) signals. Stop-loss and Take Profit figures are stated for each trade, so all you need do is, between 7:05 a.m. and 7:55 a.m., open a trade with your broker.

Rather than attempt to summarise the sales page, you can read about the method here.

Using my demo account with Core Spreads, I aim to report the points balance. I will also report the profit, or otherwise, from a £2,500 bank, risking 5% per trade and ratchet (never reduce stakes).