The Diff Code is a new trading system from Thames Publishing.

They are currently offering a 45 day risk free trial.

You get a very well written system manual explaining exactly what the Diff code is, and how to trade it, and you get a login to a members website where you check each morning before 8am UK time for that days signal.

The signal is either Green buy signal, where you are given the Stop Loss and Limit figures, an Amber signal which is no trade, or a Red sell signal, again with stop and limit figure given.

So all you do is check the website, and place the trade if there is one, or close a trade if you are already in one and the signal changes.

That’s pretty much it. It take less than 10 minutes a day and there is no monitoring of the markets as the trades either go on to win, or hit the stop loss.

If you decide to keep using the Diff Code after 45 days then you are given, on request, the full system details so that you can work out the trades for yourself (takes 10 minutes apparently), and therefore don’t need to rely on the signals, although, obviously it’s quicker and easier to just pick up the daily signal.

I’m using a £2000 trading bank and risking 5% on each trade. Results so far (with real cash) are:

13/8 WIN +£52.46
15/8 WIN +£50.85
15/8 WIN +£51.98

So a good start so far. If you’re wondering about the two winners in one day, this is simply the result of two open trades closing on the same day. For example, if you get a green signal one day and a green signal the next day, you open another buy trade regardless if the current trade has finished. We can have three trades open at any one time.

You can try The Diff Code on a 45 day risk free trial here: