A further week that saw the following ‘action’…

23rd Mar – 29th Mar (staking £25 / point)

(Note : For the purposes of this trial I am using BSP prices)

8 selections

3 void (not meeting filter requirements) before start
2 failed to get matched in-running (loss of £50)
2 winners (returning £54.03)

Week : £+4.03

Overall : LOSS / £-144.74 (-5.79 pts)

So, very little improvement on our situation from last week. I remain to be convinced that if I were to let this run for a further two weeks, as I had originally planned, that we could recover the bank to break even at least. This judgement is based purely upon what I have seen thus far. Furthermore, to my mind the selection criteria for this method lets it down badly and simply doesn’t seem to be sufficiently geared to picking likely steamers which is of course fundamental to the dobbing methodology. Without a high strike rate, decent and regular profits from applying the Dobbing mindset are simply not going to happen.

So (for now at least), I am going to have to consign this to the list of ‘must-try-harder’ offerings…. FAILED.

You can try Dobbing Secrets here:Failed