Hello my name is Chris, and I am trialling a new Lay system. The system is written by Paul Fowlie, and he doesnt beat about the bush wasting pages on waffle. He gets straight to the point, covering the entire system in 4 pages. The system has a different slant to most lay systems on the market in as much that the selection criteria in some aspects is what you would look for if you were to look for a horse to back, not to lay.

The results look good however, and it is possible to see the past 6 months results from the web page, which shows both a good strike rate and profit. The results are consistent, with a maximum losing streak of 3 unsuccessful lays in a row. If you were to have used level stakes of £100 for each and every bet from mid May to now, you would have made a profit of just over £10,000.

The main features of the system are: –

No dangerous lays only Racing Post favourites
Strike rate 77%
No need to watch live racing
Place bets before going to work
Average losing bets less than 7/4
£32.17 average profit every bet, win or lose
Average of 2 bets each day and £416 profit a week

For the first month, you can have free access to the members selection web page, whereby you can see what Pauls selections are for the day. This is useful, as you can confirm that you are using the system correctly by seeing which horse is the selected runner.
For the trial, I will be using level stakes of 2.5% of the bank. The bank will start at £1,000.