I have been looking at Donkey Lays, a horse racing tipping service published by Pro Betting Club for £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter.

Selections are lay bets on betting exchanges such as Betfair in both the Win Market and the Place market. You log in to the Pro Betting Club website to get selections, which are available before 12:30. In my preamble I noted that the service had shown a steady strike rate, achieving a return of approximately 33 points per month.

There were 215 qualifying bets during the trial but only 3 of these were in the Win market, all 3 won though. 137 were winning Place market bets and the overall profit was 26.29 points. Didn’t make 33 points per month, but still a steady profit. At the usual CashMaster £10 per point this is £262, easily covering the subscription costs.

Having followed this service for some weeks I’d be confident of using increased stakes. However, a 100 point bank is advised, although this was never threatened. This does mean that a recommended bank of £2,500 is
needed for £25 stakes, but this would have returned £567 after quarterly subscription deducted. That is to level stakes, the strike rate is such that simple compounding would increase the returns.

More than happy to approve this service.

You can get Donkey Lays here.