Now seems the perfect time to post a reminder about this superb service as they opened the doors for the new season on 1st October.

I originally reviewed this back in March and gave it the thumbs up, this was quickly followed by an influx of positive comments from his paying customers (see comments at end of my March review). My one and only regret with this service is that due to circs beyond my control I’m unable to use it full time myself.

What we have here is Trading advice rather than outright tipping service. Whilst you do not need to be an expert, you do require a reasonable level of experience in how trading on the exchanges works and although this is based on and sold through a German language website, Doom himself is English and always gives his advice in plain, easy to read and understand English. You can easily muddle through dealing with website navigation by using a translation website.


Doom advises Correct Score trades as well as taking on the ScoreCast and First/Last Goalscorer. He is also a dab hand at trading on the horses and provides members with Back-To-Lay trades during the afternoon as well as some juicy priced bets to play on the Win & Place markets.

As I said back in March, it’s not really possible to blog this as an ongoing trial as everybody will get different results as they trade in and out to suit themselves and as Doom regularly points out, he puts up all the potential trades he can spot but in no way expects members to take every one of them. you pick and choose to suit your own opinion of how the game will play out.


To give you an idea of what to expect, I have copied over his introduction and the advice he gave out for yesterday’s Europa League games. I think that’s the best way for you to judge. As you can see from the bottom line of his advice, there is also a Live Chat element to the service where Doom, his members and the site’s admin all chat over how games are progressing and share the opinions on getting in/out of trades etc. As you would expect, a fair bit of the chat is in German but ALL Doom’s comments are in English, a good number of the members speak English as well as site Admin. Again, having a translation site open so you can copy and paste little bits would help. You can keep up without constantly worrying that you’re missing something.

Doom’s intro to the new season:

“Thank you Admin and also Thank YOU for Signing up to the Doommeister Service. There’s no need for me to make a long introduction as many of you know who I am by now but for those that are new to me I will just say this – Don’t expect too many SHORT ODDS from the Advices, I am a Trader by heart, not a Gambler and I’m always on the lookout for VALUE. I hit many double-priced WINNERS in both Specialist Sports of Football and Horse Racing alike and a great example of this is as recent as Monday this week where I Advised (Free of charge I might add) the Trades of EVERTON to Win 2-0,2-1,3-0,3-1,3-2. Not only did 3-0 Trade into 50 percent of it’s initial Starting Price but 3-1 Traded into 1.25 from 18.00 and 3-2 came in at a very decent 30.00/32.00

Today we see the return of the Giants of the Champions League but although these Games are tempting to Bet/Trade on I would rather have something with a little more Form – Hence for CORRECT SCORE Betting I will be looking at a few choice English Championship Games. That’s not to say I will be ignoring the CL’s and you will find my Advices below along with a few In-Running suggestions. There’s also Correct Score’s here too for those who simply cannot go without a Bet at larger Odds in these Games!

Horse Racing will follow on for this Afternoon and once again I tend to look for Runners at big Odds that have the potential to Trade lower In-Running (Called a Back-to-Lay Bet.) I also find VALUE Each-Way Bets (Win and Place Market) and also take on many False Favourites at low Prices.

The best of luck with whatever you happen to Follow. Just remember to AGREE with yourself when Betting and if you don’t like what you see then simply give it a miss and move onto the next set of Bets. I always Back/Lay with SOUND REASONING and you won’t find anything too un-realistic here.

Thank you once again for Signing up to me and the best of Luck and I’ll see you later this Afternoon in the PRIVATE CHAT ROOM. ”


I decided to post up Thursday’s Europa as it seems the best way to give you the most info as he covered quite a few games, it is NOT for any “Cherry Picking” reasons, although it did go pretty well. Here it is in full:


“ANZI V’S TOTTENHAM – The Russians are not the force of old that they were and have lost the likes of Eto’o and Zhirkov just recently. Spurs on the other hand are at the top of there Game right now and despite no previous Meeting played between these two I have no doubts that they can score a couple tonight. The best the Home side could do is to produce a DRAW and it’s possible it could be a high scoring one.


BACK 0-1,1-1,0-2,1-2,2-2 @ 7.60,10.00,7.60,10.00,28.00

LYON V’S GUIMARAES – Looks every inch an UNDERS Game and actually possible it could go either way.


BACK 0-0,0-1,1-0,2-0 @ 12.00,20.00,6.60,7.60 AND TRADE THE 0-0. YOU COULD ALSO RISK THE 1-0,2-0 ALONE.


RACING GENK V’S THUN – This shouldn’t be a problem for the In-Form Belgium side and they could probably Win to nil tonight.


BACK 1-0,1-1,2-0,2-1 @ 8.60,7.80,10.50,9.20 OR TAKE A CHANCE WITH THE 1-0,2-0 ONLY

SEVILLA V’S FREIBURG – My Outsider of the day here Folks, not only are SEVILLA the STRONG Form side here Wininng two of there last three Home Games by an emphatic 4-1 Score line but the Germans are low on confidence right now and lost there last Away Game 5-0 to Dortmund.


There’s every chance that SEVILLA will Win this just 2-0,2-1 BUT the potential for them to Win by a much higher Score line is also there. Well worth a risk at the Prices below but also be prepared to take a close-but-no-cigar hit if playing the Outside Scores on this one.

BACK 2-0,2-1,3-0,3-1 @ 8.80,9.60,11.50,13.00 – TRADE EVERY SCORE LINE.


OR BACK 3-0,3-1,4-0,4-1 @ 11.50,13.00,17.00,20.00 – TRADE THE 3-0,3-1 SCORE LINES AND HOPEFULLY A LATE HIGH PRICED WINNER.

RAPID VIENNA V’S DYNAMO KIEV – Could be another high scorer here and BOTH sides certain to be involved. RAPID’S last two For and Against are 4,4 whilst DYNAMO’S is 5-4 in there favour.


All in all I feel there’s great POTENTIAL for this to finish either a high scoring DRAW or WIN in either Team’s (Probably DYNAMO) favour.


BACK 2-2,2-3,3-2 @ 17.00,32.00,44.00

TRABZONSPOR V’S LAZIO – Like the Juventus, Galatasaray Game from just yesterday we have ANOTHER Turkish/Italy encounter which could finish as a high scoring Draw. The Turkish side are actually the FORM side here however so a Home Win is also a possibility. This is also the type of Game to Take on EITHER SIDE (Especially LAZIO) should they go ahead by two Goals.




BACK 2-0,1-2,2-1,2-2 @ 12.50,16.00,11.50,17.50

Six of the best here Folks and plenty for you to consider. I don’t advise Backing EVERY Game (Entirely up to you) but there’s certain to be something here that appeals to you. The best of luck and I shall see you in the CHAT ROOM later this Evening for a more hands-on approach. ”


As you can see there’s enormous scope for trades there. You don’t take all the games, just the ones you think make sense to how you feel about them.

This really is something you need to consider joining if you like trading rather than outright betting and are available to trade the games as they play out. You also have the added attraction of the afternoon Horse Racing action. It’s not really designed to a complete novice at the trading game but as stated before you only really need to understand how trading works.

At €42 a month, this is good value for money and I’m deeply irritated that I can’t take full advantage myself due to time constraints.


You can join Doom’s service here: